Products & Services


  • Flexible and unbreakable frames for infants, school-going children and children with special needs
  • Light weight and fashionable frames for adults
  • Safe and sturdy frames for National Service men
  • High quality designer frames and sunglasses for professionals
  • Wide range of spectacle lens for all vision needs such as computer blue blocker lens, progressive lens, high index lens for high powers
  • Disposable soft contact lens for occasional or extended hours usage and cosmetic colour lens
  • RGP hard contact lens and conventional tailor made soft contact lens
  • Wide range of good quality optical products available


  • Refraction vision check for ALL ages
  • Vision check for post-surgical vision requirements and prescribing of spectacles and contact lens
  • Children eye check for squint, lazy eyes and increasing myopia
  • Eye check and completion of forms for children with letter from school for further eye investigation
  • Contact lens fitting and counseling for all types of contact lens
  • Eye health examination for cataract, dry eyes, computer vision syndrome, diabetic retinopathy, age-related eye degeneration, etc
  • Prompt referrals to appropriate opthalmologists for further investigations
  • Comprehensive optometry related services available